Wednesday, October 19, 2011

13 Days of Halloween (Day1)

once upon a time..I lived / to run, to play, and to dream / now, once a year..I return

Halloween ghost spooky

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Never Forgot The People Who Cared About Me

note: This was written many years ago, inspired by an actual conversation my mother had with one of her students years after he was out of school. It made me realize how important teachers, parents, and the rest of us, can be in the lives of children. I could never say how much I respect the person Alice is, and the difference she has made in so many lives. Teachers rock! *hugs*

(oh, and thanks Larry for the idea, my liberal is showing)

I Never Forgot The People Who Cared About Me

I never forgot the people who cared about me,

'cos there weren't very many.

Teachers telling me to shape get a hold of myself,

They wanted to get me out of their hair.

But you..

You wanted me to succeed.

I never forgot the way you treated me,

Like a real person, not some problem.

You helped me learn to control myself,

You helped me learn to believe in myself,

And now that's the way I treat others.

I never forgot the attention you gave me,

You actually listened, whether you wanted to, or not.

I felt like your friend, your child, your equal...

And for the first time in my life...

I believed that people wouldn't always hurt me.

I never forgot the people who cared about me,

And I count you as one.

It wasn't easy for me in life, before, or after,

But the time I spent with you was some of my best.

Part of you lives on..

wherever I go...

A little voice whispers.. "I care".

Friday, December 18, 2009


I am here trying to get my suit and shirt etc, for a Christmas party tomorrow night. Formalesque-dressed parties are not my usual kind of hang-outs, but it should be fun. Trying to look hot, of course, while focusing on my face being too fat for ties, and wondering whether my dry scalp will flake onto the beautiful black pinstripe material, when inspiration struck. I had forgotten Rule #6 (or 62 depending on where you hear it). "Don't take yourself so damn seriouslee!" I know it is easy on places like FB to feel the need to try to look younger, or thinner, or alive.. but that is so much ego. I am going to a party, to have fun, to have pics taken of me that will be cringe-worthy, and who cares, reallee? If I don't, then I think I am free, huh?

Get out there and live people. You probably will never be perfect in your eyes, and that's what makes you, _you_. A great philosopher once said, "Don't worry, be happy." I will be pretending that I am a dapper, Nick Charles, looking for Nora across the room. :-)

that is all. I must go do some crunches. ;-)

Friday, October 30, 2009


(this is part of a larger piece, dealing with holidays, etc. I just finished it, and thought you might like to choose the best ending for the characters, you'll see!)
Hope you enjoy!!!

Emily watched the man walk into the restaurant. It was Halloween and the place was dead, which was very fitting she thought. She sat him at a table for two, and noticed that he was carrying a long-stem flower, a tulip, which was pink. Having had polite chit-chat, and with nothing else to do, with no customers, her curiosity about the man got the best of her. She just had to find out about the flower, which he had placed neatly across from him, as if given to someone sitting there. Looking closer at him, she thought he was probably very attractive in his younger days, and still had a very warm smile. But his eyes, which seemed so expressive, only expressed sadness. As she asked him if needed anything else, he politely said, "No, thank you though, the meal was very good", and gave her a half-smile. She had turned away, but being the inquisitive, stubborn young woman she was, she had to turn back around.

"I'm sorry to pry", she asked softly as she leaned over close to his face. "I was wondering about the flower you're carrying."

He nodded patiently as if he had heard this before, and stared into the attractive youg woman's eyes.

"I'm sorry, I was just curious, I didn't mean to pry", she said before he could speak.

"It's no problem", he leaned over towards her to see her name tag, "Emily."." I get that question a lot."

He could smell her perfume. How that took him back so many years. He would have gladly been chasing this long-legged brunette, as many young men must be. "To be young again." he thought to himself.

Her large brown eyes were looking at him, like a detective, hungry to solve a mystery.

"I'm afraid it is a story that would tak a few minutes", he explained. "There's no quick answer". He laughed softly.

She pulled the chair from the other side of the table and moved it next to him, and placed her elbows on the table and her face on her hands like a kid waiting for story time.

"I guess that means you want to hear the story?" he said as he laughed, a little stronger than before.

"Please", she said, "Oh I didn't get your name."

"My name is Del"

"It's nice to meet you Del", she chirped excitedly as she smiled and shook his hand. "I love a good story, please continue!"

"Well, Emily, it was many years ago, way before you were born, and on Halloween night"

"My fiancee and I had been having problems and had broken up, so I am ashamed to admit, I was feeling sorry for myself, and taking refuge in a bottle of vodka"

As she followed along, Emily could picture him in his youth, how he must have captivated his fiancee with the twinkle in his eye and mischievous smile. She could listen to his deep voice saying anything.

"Well I had had too much of the stuff and finally fell in bed and passed out, rather early in the evening. Somewhere before midnight I woke for some reason.I opened my eyes and there she was, my Ali. She knelt down as she ran her fingers through my hair and kissed me. She laid down beside me and looked at me. As I started to speak, she pressed her finger to my mouth. She just stared at me as if she was trying to memorize my face in all its glorious sleepiness. For once she-of-many-words was not saying anything. Since we had not spoken in several days and our last words were in an argument, I thought this to be odd, but figured she was just tired of talking. So that must mean this was what you would call today, a booty-call. The thought did wake me up much quicker than normal, he chuckled, flashing that sly grin at Emily."

"She slipped out of her dress and under the covers, and was soon kissing me deeply, and holding me closer, and tighter, than I could remember before. But her touch seemed different, as if she was clinging to if our forever, was now. Always having been in sync, our motion was as pleasiing as ever, with the added component of the feelings she was keeping to herself. A few times I caught her staring at me again, but in the moment, I didn't want to ask why. As her head was on my chest afterwards, I wanted to talk, but we were both exhausted, and started to drift off to sleep. At some point she got up and kissed me on the forehead. I swear I heard her say "I'll always love you, you're going to be fine". But I was in a daze and went back to sleep. "

Emily was hanging on every word, as if in a trance, the only world that existed was his and Ali's. She could see their passion, she could almost feel it, through his voice. It was something she could not explain, she felt a connection to him. He spoke again, bringing her eyes slowly back to his.

"In the morning my phone woke me from a very deep slumber. As I answered, I looked around. Ali was gone. Her best friend was on the phone, crying. So she told me about how there was car accident and Ali didn't survive. Of course I was freaking out, but when I realized the car accident was hours _before_ she visited me, I felt a growing calmness and numbness."

"So every Halloween, I pick up a flower", he explained.

"A tulip?" Emily asked, enthralled with the story and the man's sad eyes.

"Yes, that was her favorite flower". "And I like to come to place out in public and feel the energy of people, something I haven't really felt in all these years."

"And that is why this old man is in here on Halloween night, carrying a pink tulip."

"Wow, that is amazing.." she caught herself, " I mean, it's awful that you went through that, but it's a real ghost story, such love." She held back a tear as she looked into the sadness haunting his eyes.

"Well, young lady, it is getting late, so I guess I will head home. It was a pleasure chatting with you."

"Wait, you shouldn't be alone.. not tonight.. I'm off now, let me walk you home."

He laughed softly. "Don't worry, I'll be fine." "I've been through this many years now."

"Well not this year!" "I insist". "Don't mess with me, I'm stubborn!" she said playfully, but sternly.

"Okay, I was only going to go home, and just sit by the fire and have some wine."

"That sounds perfect, I'll get my coat."

He watched her walk quickly across the restaurant, so young, so vital, so much to live for. And he felt very very old.


As they left the restaurant, she took his arm and pulled herself close to him. She looked up at him and smiled. He was smiling too on the outside and grinning like a schoolboy on the inside. Suddenly a cold gust of wind enveloped them and his cane was snatched from his hand. The cane dangled in mid-air before whacking him on the head. Emily stood, astonished at the site, as the cane fell to the ground. A harsh, growling, ghostly voice was heard all down the street... "Get back to your apartment you dirty old man!! I can't leave you alone for a second!" He hurriedly picked up his cane, glanced embarrassingly at Emily, and started walking quickly down the street. "And don't let me catch you watching Cinemax again either! The ghostly voice commanded. "yes dear, sorry dear.. won't happen again" he whispered as he disappeared around the corner.

Ending 2

As they left the restaurant, she took his arm and pulled herself close to him. She looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back as he casually checked her out from behind. Inside he had to congratulate himself. "Nice! This works every single time! Grab a flower off a grave somewhere and make up a good story, and some young thing is on your lap! Hope I have enough wine and little blue pills, this one looks feisty!"

Ending 3

As they left the restaurant, she took his arm and pulled herself close to him. She looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back. She whispered "I can't believe it is Halloween, it seems like years, I have missed you baby.This body is young and full of energy, I hope you have your supplies!" He laughed as they started walking down the street. "It's our only night together, little blue pills and wine, at the ready, my love."

Ending 4

As they left the restaurant, she took his arm and pulled herself close to him. She looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back sadly. As they walked down the street, her warmth was just a reminder to him of what was lost forever.